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Dhawan Associates offering large amount of services in terms of property valuation and other chartered engineer services.

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Definition & Need of Valuation

Estimating the value of real estate is necessary for a variety of endeavors, including financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation. A valuation needs to be carried out when you borrow to buy a new property, when refinancing, or when you want to access the equity in your home.

A valuation is based on the highest and best use of real property — what use of the property will produce the highest possible value? The final appraisal must be both profitable and probable.Determining the asking or purchase price of a piece of real property is the most useful application of real estate valuation.

Why to Choose Dhawan Associates ?

We are engaged in Providing services for Government Registered Valuers. We provide our clients independent valuation and property consultancy Government Registered Valuers services. We are large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to care. This ensures that we can provide you with a completely independent valuation and act in your best interests.

We are providing the best and qualitative value report in minimal amount of time and in reasonable charges.The knowledge and experience to ensure accurate property valuation.

Each project, no matter how big or small, the same attention to detail & a promise of delivery on schedule.


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How to select your property valuer

There are several ways/tips to choosing a good property valuer for the immovable property valuation

First of all, you have to be very clear about the purpose for which valuation is called for which purpose. The proposed valuer should be accreditted with the authorities to whom your valuation report will be submitted. The concurrence of the proposed valuer regarding the scope of his work assignment should be taken prior to entrusting the work to him. In view of the great responsibility that will be taken up by the valuers in proving the correctness of the valuations, an expert valuer who has the necessary background, experience and qualifications in the concerned field should be appointed. Valuation work demands a professional skill. A valuer should be conscientious, highly trained, energetic and should have a strong sense of integrity. Curiosity plus a "Nose" for un-earthing hidden values!.

The best policy is to entrust the valuation work to a team of professionals, such as Best DHAWAN ASSOCIATES PROPERTY VALUER. who are equipped to take up multifarious / multifaceted tasks connected /involved in large and complex as well as, simple small valuation procedures. In case of professional firms like Best DHAWAN ASSOCIATES PROPERTY VALUER. you will be sure of (a) transparency (b) fairness at all stages (c) reasonableness of charges in consonance with your work.

Partners who support us

Partnered with a diverse panel of leading banks, we ensure you receive the best financial support tailored to your needs.Our strong alliances with prominent banks empower us to offer comprehensive solutions and unwavering support for your property valuation journey.